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Victorian Energy Forum: Lights Out or a Brighter Future - 26 July, Park Hyatt, Melbourne

May 30, 2017

If the saying 'all great changes are preceded by chaos' is right, our energy market could be undergoing the greatest change we could ever hope for. 

But how do we survive the transition and thrive in the future? And will a Victorian energy market with the notable absence of Hazelwood power station leave energy consumers in a precarious situation with unreliable power supplies?

The Victorian Energy Forum on July 26 at the Park Hyatt in Melbourne, will analyse the current state of play in Victoria and consider the opportunities and threats that exist in the marketplace.

What are the risks for your business? And where are the opportunities that will enable your business to thrive?

Join energy users, regulators, government representatives, other market participants as we explore the issues in Victoria and share ideas for the future. 

Check out our program for confirmed speakers.

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